We provide energy efficient units within days – not weeks!

Sealed UnitsAt A.S.A.P. Glass Services, manufacturing sealed units (thermal pane, double-pane, etc.) is a daily occurrence. We manufacture our sealed units utilizing patented technology that allows us to provide Energy Efficient sealed units, exceptional customer service and a quality product!

 All sealed units are custom made to almost any shape and size. Triple panes also available.

Units are manufactured for both residential and commercial applications as well as skylights, patio doors, and stained glass units.

Advantages of this patented technology for our customers are numerous and include:


Each and every unit is manufactured utilizing argon-gas

  • provides density which helps block out heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter
  • retention is imperative to maintain energy efficiency – retention is maintained by using the warm-edge spacer
  • argon-gas reduces energy costs
  • reduces outside noise


Each and every unit is manufactured utilizing warm-edge spacer technology

  • offers superior thermal efficiency
  • takes optimum advantage of laminates and adhesives to reduce thermal conductivity while improving appearance
  • insulates the edge of units up to 90% better than aluminum


No Breather Tubes! Units are manufactured & sealed at YOUR altitude

  • breather tubes allow argon gas to escape
  • units manufactured and sealed at lower altitudes, then transported to higher altitudes reduce the life of the unit and risk ‘popping’ the seal
  • manufacturer’s that sell sealed windows at high altitude would need to remove each glass unit and close off the breather tube to maintain high-density gas – this would be cost-prohibitive


Gain optimal efficiency from unit replacements by requesting Low-E glass

  • reflect heat in the summer – retain heat in the winter
  • reduce fading on carpets, drapes, furniture, etc.
  • reduce drain on environmental resources


Because we manufacture the units we install – we know how they’re made

  • units have a .01% failure rate
  • fewer failed units means less glass and glass products in landfills
  • on average – you can save the environment 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year by installing all Energy Efficient units in your home!


Since we manufacture in-house Homeowners, Property Managers and Realtors will benefit!

  • Homeowners: help reduce your energy bill by installing energy efficient sealed units in your home.
  • Property Managers/Hotels: never again miss collecting on a rental unit because of a broken unit!
  • Realtors: never again miss a closing because of a broken unit!
  • Replacement units in days – not weeks! Replacement units also available in hours – not days – at an additional charge.

Let Us Show You How It’s Done!

*- full warranty available on request