Create a statement that is as unique as you are!

  • Painted Opaque Glass: Chemically bonds paint on glass surface permanently.
  • Unlimited Colors: From solid and metallic colors to sparkle effects.
  • Safety: Color glass can be tempered.

Back-coated color glass is made for backsplashes, tabletops, countertops, shower walls, furniture, partitions, glass tiles and more. Customized and cut-to-size color glass comes in annealed, tempered, low-ironed, tinted, acid-etched, and more.


Benefits of Color Glass

Besides the unique and beautiful qualities of color glass, there are other benefits of its use:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Moisture resistant
  • Limitless color-matching
  • Hygienically non-porous
  • Non-fading
  • UV resistant
  • Temperable
  • Truest Color Clarity